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Auditorium seating refurbishment is a large part of our business because through Irwin Seating Company we refurbish almost all makes and models that exist. That includes our competitors' seating. Many of our new seating competitors do not even consider refurbishment as part of thier business. We consider it a much needed alternative to providing a total seating solution for our customers.
All seating eventually wears out and needs to be brought back to usable shape before it needs to be replaced. Some of the auditoriums seats are over 80 years old that we refurbish. Normally the fabric shows wear and the uplift springs need replacement, but no matter what, we literally do it all. If you are considering refurbishment of your seating be sure to contact us using the form on the contact/info page. Or just give us a call at (716) 685-6885. You'll be glad you did.

Before Refurbishment
Cornell University, Bailey Hall

Before and After Pictures speak volumes about the refurbishment process. Also partial refurbishment is available when appropriate. 

After Refurbishment
Cornell University, Bailey Hall

We found the difference between the two above pictures ( before and after pictures of  Cornell University, Bailey Hall)  to be so strikingly different that it does not look like the same auditorium, but it is. The auditorium with the red fabric and metal color pictured, shows why it is important to use the CAD design services we offer. We know what options to provide and where in your new or refurbished auditorium seating layout to put these special components. In this case, the (Loveseat) 33" wide Movable base option is used to fill two normal auditorium seating needs. Removable seats to accomodate Wheelchairs ( ADA compliant ) in the same physical space as an extra wide seat.  Good choices create an intelligently designed auditorium, especially in a freshly refurbished auditorium.

Candor High School
Before to After Chair Refurbishment

PFE seating professionals from our company provide the guidance and budget pricing to ensure your auditorium refurbishment project stays within budget and on time. Whatever level of chair refurbishment you are considering, allow us to give you the benefit of years of experience refurbishing auditorium seats.
Refurbished Chairs Ithaca High School
shows (1) Removable Base Chair 33" Extra Width