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Science Laboratory Furniture in schools and colleges is provided for our customers by the most experienced and the best supplier of laboratory casework in the USA, Leonard Peterson. One look at their casework and installation photos and you know the quality and engineering work is superior. Professional Furnishings & Equipment Inc. continues to bring you the quality suppliers and that includes your school science laboratory, including lab fixtures, furniture and workstations. 

Leonard Peterson Lab Furniture.JPG
University Research Lab Benches
Leonard Peterson Tall Cases.JPG
Glass Sliding Door Tall Cases

Professional Furnishings & Equipment staff in conjuction with Leonard Peterson personel will work together to bring you the detailed drawings needed to bring your laboratory project from planning stages through completion.

High School Laboratory
Octagonal Laboratory Pedestal
Rolling Metal Bookcases
Emergency Shower / Eyewash Station

Canisus High School Student Workstation

A quality array of choices in cabinetry, configurations, custom designed to fit your school's every need and desire. Including the standard black epoxy tops, other color and material tops, sinks, fume hoods and emergency eyewash stations. Leonard Peterson has all the right cabinet solutions and the years of maunufacturing experience to expertly build your new science laboratory components. Professional Furnishings and Equipment Inc. has the years of job planning and on the jobsite experience to put it all together beforehand and then install these components. The combination is unbeatable.

Laboratory Peninsulas

Culinary Arts Laboratory.JPG
Culinary Arts Laboratory

Other quality casework by Leonard Peterson and other metal casework examples provided by Professional Furnishings and Equipment Inc.

Trophy Display Casework
Wall and Sink Cabinets with Epoxy Tops
Canisus High School Lab

Contact Us for planning, design and implementation of your new science, art, culinary, lecture, computer workstation and library classroom furniture and fixtures.