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New York State Contract – Furniture

Good News! Most of Irwin Seating Company’s entire lineup of Auditorium Seating, Lecture Room Seating, and Classroom Seating can now be purchased without going out to bid. New York State has pre-approved the discount pricing you will receive under New York State Contract Procurement! Under NYS Contract # 22398 which began Dec 2,2013 and expires Dec 1, 2018, – Furniture ( All types), you can still mix and match chair backs and seating types , end panels and armrests and of course still receive the help and guidance of a Seating Pro from Professional Furnishings & Equipment Inc.

This will result in a considerable cost savings to you as a Designer, Architect, Engineer, Clerk of the Works, University Planning and Design, School District Administrator or Superintendent. Receive the same great services and products at a pre-determined price which has already been approved by New York State. An installation list will be sent to you upon your request.

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