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Irwin Telescopic Seating Company is one of the foremost bleacher manufacturing companies in the industry. In addition to providing a quality bleacher product ITS is at the forefront of bleacher innovation with its new Smart Rail Aisle Handrail System and plastic seat modules with fold-down backrests. 
Facility maintenance staff has long complained of heavy aisle handrails that had to be carried up and down each time the bleacher opens and closes or rails that required removal before closing the bleachers. Those days are over with The Smart Rail design. It meets all safety codes and neatly and easily pivots to store against the front of the bleacher. No more carrying handrails or tools! Watch the short video by clicking on the link below. This video will take about 1-2 minutes to download. 

Smart Rail Video Click Here !

The difference between a bleacher and a telescopic platform is the weight that the understructure is designed to support. An ITS model 4500 bleacher is designed to support a full load of spectators and the traditional wood bleacher seat or the plastic seat modules shown on the right. A 5000 series telescopic platform is designed to carry auditorium style seating with deeper row spacing requirements and a full load of spectators. Necessarily, the understructure is beefed up to support the additional weight.  

Irwin Telescopic Platform
Model 5000 Understructure Platform
Irwin Telescopic Platform
Model 5000 with Quest Chairs

From College Arena Platforms requiring thousands of seats to High Schools needing hundreds to Elementary School needing seats for only a hundred spectators, Irwin Telescopic Seating Bleachers and Platforms are the products that will be around through decades of gymnasium fun.

Irwin Telescopic Bleacher 4500
Canisus High School

Irwin Telescopic Seating Bleacher
Portable Bleacher With End Curtain

The picture below shows an Irwin Telescopic Seating Bleacher with flip-down step and a "recoverable" ADA Handicap Cutout Truncation.

Irwin Telescopic Bleacher
Shows ADA "recoverable" Handicap Truncation

Irwin Telescopic Bleacher
Irwin Telescopic Bleacher Smart Rail
Shows Smart Rail Aisle Handrailing