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Bleacher Repair including: Bleacher Parts, Service, Maintenance, and Bleacher Inspections
" We're with you for the Long Run"
Service Calls and Inspections 
Providing certified factory trained bleacher installers and inspectors with over 25 years of on-site experience fixing and installing bleachers. We Service what we sell. We also inspect, and service bleachers that other companies sold to you. We take the best care possible of each customer by servicing that customers' needs. We listen and then customize your quote.  "We are with you for the long run."
Bleacher Manufacturers Services
We service almost all bleacher manufacturer brands to meet  your bleacher service needs, indoors and out, new or old bleachers. We carry many bleacher repair items with us when we come to your facility. Whether a  small or large service/parts need contact us and we will be happy to take good care of you. Some Bleacher "in stock" items are available on the on-line catalog page on this website but most bleacher repairs are quoted individually.Give us a call, (716) 685-6885.
About bleacher maintenance we believe in a district wide approach for K-12 and a campus wide approach for colleges. This approach saves your school district money by cutting down on the number of trips to your campus(es)and takes care of many needs in the most efficient manner, relieving the burden on your school cleaning staff. 
Bleachers:  Information from US Goverment 
The link at the bottom of the page titled US Product Safety Commission - Bleachers is a guide for you from the USA Government about bleacher  issues.
If you have not read this guide we recommend it so that you are reminded of  your legal liabilities and our responsibilities when it comes to providing bleacher parts, bleacher repair services,  bleacher maintenance agreements, and bleacher inspections.
We only recommend repairs you need. We know that your bleachers met code when they were originally installed and that it is your decision, not a requirement of law that the old bleachers be brought up to todays more stringent bleacher building codes. On the other hand we also know that the new codes are there for a reason. Safety. We work with our customers to improve safety within reasonable budget constraints. For example, a tall bleacher that has no handrails at the end where people can fall off the bleacher is an accident waiting to happen. We would recommend immediate action. In the opposite view, a bleacher that has never had intermediate aisle steps and is not too high of a rise per row might be OK to " Grandfather " in based on the original building code at the time of installation. Years of experience in fixing bleachers and replacing them when needed helps us to make proper recommendations.  We want to work with and for you.  Normally during a first on-site call, we fix whatever is immediately wrong and put our future  recommendations in a "Job Report."
Give us a call and let us provide you with a job well done. (716) 685-6885


Click here to Contact Us and leave a message about your bleacher service or parts needs.

30 year old non-typical 2 roller motor
Rubber roller surface has become like sandpaper glue, see floor damage

Free From the US Government! A document that clearly explains what your legal responsibilities are when it comes to Bleachers. This document could save your school district thousands of dollars and may prevent a serious injury. Please read, save for your reference and freely distribute this .pdf.

US Product Safety Commission- Bleachers.pdf

Click on the blue text to download a very informative .pdf from the US Product Safety Commision about bleachers.

A new Irwin Telescopic Bleacher Roller
double sprocket bleacher motor roller
Older Wooden Bleacher
Before PFE Service

The above bleacher had several broken and worn out parts, we were able to replace them. The end cap boards were cracked and the seat boards were getting rough to the touch. To improve the "look" and prevent splinters from worn out seat boards we covered each board with a plastic cover in the schools colors and added new unbreakable custom sized plastic end panels. See the picture below. What a difference! 

Same wood bleacher with Plastic Seat Covers
After PFE Service Call
Chautauqua Institute Lenna Hall
Broken Actuator Motor and Mechanism was Replaced - Telescopic Platform

In the picture on the left the 30 year old rollers' surface was like sandpaper with epoxy glue in it. The rollers were glued to the floor. The linoleum tile was pushed up like a wave in front of the first roller. The sub-floor was severely damaged. PFE's service personnel were called to the scene. We were able to replace the rollers and fix the floor in one day.