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Auditorium Seating, Bleacher Seating
With a combined 150+ years of experience in the auditorium seating and bleacher seating markets, we are the sales and installation go-to-team to get the job done right. With over 600 auditoriums installed and 100 bleachers in New York State our CAD assistance takes you from the planning stage to installation. Add to that our service department that stays with you for the life cycle of your equipment and you can see why we have so many repeat customers. 

Irwin Seating Company, Marquee Chairs
Irwin Chairs Niagara Falls High School
Niagara Falls High School

We take enormous pride in completing your seating project and we offer all the accessories to go with it. From numerous finish choices, ADFA considerations, aisle lights and tablet arms in fixed seating applications to user freindly hand rails and plastic seat modules with backrests on bleacher seats we cater to your needs and deliver excellence.

Irwin Millennium Seats
Lockport High School

We are proud distributors for The Irwin Seating Company, the largest fixed seating company in the world. Irwin has consistently delivered the best value for your seating dollars. The Irwin Seating Company also provides bleachers and platform seating through it's subsidiary the Irwin Telescopic Seating Company (formerly known as Folding Bleacher Company). Click on the pictures to visit their respective websites. 

Irwin Millennium Chairs
Spencerport High School
Spencerport High School


Irwin Telescopic Bleacher
Irwin Telescopic Bleacher
Delevan Elementary School

Irwin Telescopic Seating Company is one of the "Big Three" manufacturers in the world of bleacher seating and telescopic platform seating. With hundreds of installations at college and commercial arenas as well as K-12 multiple use facilities the telescopic platform combined with the choices of Irwin seats available for them creates the most versatile  telescopic platform product available . Innovation in seating product is the hallmark of Irwin Seating Company and it's subsidiary, Irwin Telescopic Seating Company. The bleacher seating product pictured above provides a durable, easy to operate and maintain, gymnasium bleacher. Both bleachers shown are with plastic seat modules that won't crack if someone hits them with a hard ball or bat. Irwin Telescopic Seating Company manufactures bleachers that will actually stand up to years of gymnasium use.

Irwin Telescopic Bleacher
Irwin Telescopic Bleacher Vestal High School
Vestal High School

Professional Furnishings and Equipment Inc. also provides specialty Science Laboratory Furniture, Library Furniture, Indoor and Outdoor Sports Equipment. Wall Padding, Scoreboards and Scorer tables, Fume Hoods, Counter Tops, Benches, and many other specialty furniture related items.

Science Laboratory Furniture and Fixtures
Laboratory Peninsulas with Epoxy Tops